Bear with Me is a trademark of Allied Plush Inc. Established in early 2014, we are a company enthusiastic about bringing original stuffed animals for our customers to personalize. There are many e-companies out there that allow customers to personalize a shirt on stuffed animals. But many animal styles are simply third party brands and customers often end up buying a plush piece that was not originally made to fit with a t-shirt. On top of that, in most cases customers only have the option to work on a WHITE background.

Original designs, flexible choices, and great pricing is our commitment to our customers. At Bear with Me, our philosophy is to create cute but traditional animal styles with a simple design goal: every animal will look perfect when dressed in a t-shirt or with any accessories we offer.

We let our customers choose from 18 different color t-shirts (not just a white t-shirt). And it does not matter whether you want to place text, logo, or photo on any of our t-shirts, you will have the top quality outcome. As a manufacturer of our own plush toys, we make sure there is no middle man in the process and thus the products are more affordable for the end users.

Although new to the B2C end, we are an experienced toy maker with nearly 30 years of history in making customized plush toys. This always remains our specialty. It’s a wonderful adventure working with customers with creative ideas and nothing is more rewarding than seeing these ideas turned into cute and unique plush characters.

AS A MEMBER OF PPAI/ASI/SAGE/SAAC, we work with distributors on volume purchases.


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